Classification of Muscle Augmentation powder

- Feb 10, 2019-

High energy muscle powder, weight gain powder

High-energy muscle powder, weight-increasing powder, super muscle powder and so on, just called different, they are muscle powder, are protein supplement supplements. Depending on the proportion of calories, carbohydrates and proteins, there is a distinction between muscle augmentation powder and weight gain powder. The ratio of carbohydrate and protein to muscle powder is 2:1, and the heat is 600-900 calories. The ratio of heavier powder carbohydrates to proteins is 3:1 (or even higher), with more than 1000 calories. The higher the heat, the easier it is to gain weight, but if not consumed enough, it will also transform into fat.

Slow release matrix muscle Augmentation Powder

Slow release matrix muscle powder is composed of a variety of proteins and a variety of carbohydrates in proportion to 1:2, of course, the same is also indispensable to promote the absorption of trace elements and amino acids. Carbohydrates help boost insulin after training, protein matrices provide enough protein to the muscles for long periods of time, and heat is greatly controlled, allowing trainers to get more lean weight.