Does eating spirulina have side effects?

- Feb 19, 2019-

Spirulina is a health drink, is currently touted by many women who lose weight in the sky, Spirulina protein content is high, and fat, cellulose content is low, so weight loss people are often used to replenish energy, the following Hunan Green Food Network will be detailed introduction for you.

Side Effects of Spirulina

Whether Spirulina has side effects depends on the physique of the individual. If the physique is too acidic, such as gastric ulcer, gastritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease patients, after eating there will be an uncomfortable response, especially stomach ulcers, the stomach will be uncomfortable, because Spirulina is alkaline. You can reduce the dosage and then continue to take it to the degree that it is not too uncomfortable. It won't be after a long time.

Spirulina can't eat with anything?

Spirulina and drugs cannot be eaten together.

Spirulina is a health care product, when taking a difference of more than half an hour with the drug, remember. Spirulina is mainly to improve the body's immunity, but also the effect of anti-cancer and so on, there are conditions to buy some regular products to take.