Efficacy and function of algae 2

- Feb 21, 2019-

6. Protection of the liver

Spirulina can provide the protein and cellulose we need for the liver, often eating spirulina, can protect our liver, especially for patients with liver disease, spirulina can make the patient's condition improved and improved.

7. Relieves damage to the kidneys from drugs

The kidneys can help our body drain toxins from our bodies, but many heavy metals and drugs now have a great toxic effect on our kidneys, and spirulina eliminates kidney toxins caused by mercury drugs and relieves the toxicity of these harmful substances to the kidneys, so Spirulina can act as a clean kidney.

8. Enhance the body's immune system

The natural algal blue protein contained in Spirulina can enhance the immune function of human cells, thus improving our body's immune ability and disease resistance.

9. Treatment of Anaemia

Iron deficiency anemia is now a very common phenomenon, and Spirulina contains a very rich iron and chlorophyll, these nutrients can effectively improve the condition of human anemia.

10. Weight Loss

Taking spirulina before meals can lower our weight, and a beautiful woman who wants to lose weight can try it.

11. Keep your skin healthy

Spirulina can not delay the role of cell aging, fatigue resistance, radiation resistance.So we can use Spirulina as a face cream, or use water with spirulina to bathe, so that we can keep the skin young and healthy.