Efficacy and function of protein powder

- Jan 27, 2019-

Effect of protein powder: egg white powder has good functional properties, such as gel, emulsification, water retention, fat preservation, etc., can be added to ham and other meat products and instant noodles to improve the quality of products.

1.Gel Sex

Gel sex can make it widely used in meat products. One of the main indicators to measure the quality of meat products is elasticity and slicing, and excellent elasticity comes from myosin and the subsequent addition of salt-deep proteins. The gel strength of high egg powder has obvious effect on the elasticity and slicing of meat products.

2. Emulsification

The characteristics of protein in egg whites and the proper heat treatment in processing make the protein partial degeneration, the hydrophobicity and emulsifying activity index increases after degeneration, the surface tension decreases, and the emulsification is more significant than egg whites, which can be combined with a large number of oils.

3. Absorption and retention of water and fat

The good gel characteristics of egg powder can improve the absorption of water by hydrogen bond, increase adhesion, strong mesh structure can intercept a lot of water and fat, greatly improve the retention ability of meat products to water and fat.

4. Other

Egg white powder added to meat products can improve product quality, extend shelf period, and strengthen product nutrition, similarly, the addition of appropriate amount of egg white powder in noodle products, can improve gluten, increase protein content, make the product feel more elastic.