If you want to buy muscle powder, you have to look at these four points in advance.

- Jan 07, 2019-

The main role of muscle augmentation powder: Change the thin shape or increase muscle strength at the same time, and do not increase body fat.

Provide sufficient energy that the daily diet cannot meet, and the nutritional content is comprehensive and rich. Use the most reasonable and effective ratio of carbohydrates to protein, low fat content. Easily absorbed by the human body, including the body with poor absorption function. With creatine use, the effect is more obvious

There are a few misconceptions about using muscle augmentation powder :

1. It is believed that muscle powder contains too much carbohydrates, which is easy to lead to obesity

In fact, the intake of appropriate carbohydrates can be the training caused by the decomposition of the thank you state (muscle decomposition Energy) into a anabolic state (increase muscle volume), so the bodybuilding muscle population daily dietary nutrition in the carbohydrate should account for 60%-65%.

2. Muscle powder is "fool powder", eat can increase muscle

 Muscle Augmentation powder is a nutritional supplement that promotes post-exercise recovery and muscle growth. However, in order to maximize the effect of muscle augmentation, we should also make a scientific and reasonable training plan and dietary nutrition plan. It turns out that the scientific use of bodybuilding supplements will greatly improve the training effect, and random non-scientific use will be ineffective.

3. Muscle powder is suitable for all people who want to increase their muscles. There are roughly 3 groups for bodybuilding training: Wasting type, motor type and obesity type

Muscle powder is usually used for daily calorie and protein intake of people, if the usual calorie intake is high, there is no need to use muscle powder, but should be replaced with whey protein and creatine, appropriate to increase the lipid reduction component.

4. Eating more muscle powder will promote rapid muscle growth more effectively

Even if you are eager to win and have no financial worries, do not consume muscle powder too much in order to quickly gain weight and muscle in a short period of time. Because excessive consumption will not only gastrointestinal discomfort and poor digestion and absorption, but also will make the body serotonin content is too high, inhibiting the blood flow rate of capillaries, especially the brain, easy to cause drowsiness.