Protein supplementation Powder

- Mar 03, 2019-

Protein is the material basis that constitutes life activity, and it is also one of the three energy supply substances of human body, which can see the importance of protein to life.Edible protein powder supplementation protein is the most direct and convenient way for the body to ingest protein. 

According to the Chinese Nutrition Society's daily dietary Nutrient supply standard (RDA) requirements, the average daily intake of 75 grams of protein is required by the normal population. Because the proportion of starch food in the diet structure of Chinese residents is large, and the source of protein is poor, so the protein is insufficient. According to nutritionists, the proportion of people with insufficient protein intake in China is larger, and 10~20 grams of protein need to be replenished each day. In particular, regular exercise and fitness, more daily intake of high-quality protein to meet the needs

In addition to the normal population, in different ages and different physiological conditions of the special population, there is also a special need for protein, Supplement protein powder is more necessary for them.

For adolescents who are in the developmental stage of development, protein supplementation is necessary. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, about 21.6 million children in the country are underweight and 42 million children are slow to grow, a situation that seriously affects the health and intellectual development of children, which in turn can affect the improvement of national health and economic development. Especially in the age group of 12 to 18 years old students are in the period of physical development, protein is the composition of organ growth and regulation of growth and development and sexual maturation of various hormones, protein intake will affect the growth and development of adolescents. The average protein intake of adolescents should be about 10 grams higher than that of adults, and half of the daily protein intake should be high quality protein. In order to meet the needs of adolescent physical development, in addition to the normal diet, daily additional 20~30 protein is very necessary.