Slow release matrix protein powder

- Feb 04, 2019-

Slow release matrix protein powder

Before explaining this type of protein, we must first understand two words, first of all, "slow release", slow release refers to the continuous release, so as to ensure the stability of blood sugar, to ensure that the flow of amino acids in the blood stable.

The second is the "Matrix", we do not think very mysterious, in fact, is a combination, such as 6 heavy matrix protein, indicating that the protein is a combination of 6 different proteins. Different kinds of proteins release at different speeds, using their properties to mix them into a slow-release matrix protein powder, which has the advantage of providing the body with the protein needed for muscle synthesis over a certain period of time, more in line with the need for muscle growth.

Representative Products: 6 heavy matrix protein, slow release matrix protein, 12 hours slow release protein, casein, etc.

How to use: 2-3 times a day, 2 tablespoons at a time

Usage tips: Because slow-release proteins continue to provide protein to the body, this type of protein is suitable for use before and between meals. When it is not convenient to eat, slow release protein can completely replace a meal with whole wheat bread. Casein release takes longer and is definitely the first choice before bedtime.