- Jan 04, 2019-

Statement I:

Typically, non-special populations can fully ingest all nutrients, including proteins, through a normal diet. No additional egg powder is required.

The people who need to use protein powder are:

1. Fitness people

2, 65 years old and above: due to energy reduction, protein proportion increase, it is necessary to supplement the egg powder.

3, many diseases of the state, such as: trauma, infection, after surgery, chronic obstructive emphysema ...

It is therefore recommended to use it under the guidance of a nutrition doctor or nutritional technician

Statement II:

In the case of insufficient sugar and fat supply, a single supplement to protein powder is equivalent to drinking sugar water.

Because, when sugar and fat energy supply substances are insufficient, proteins in the body will first be converted into glucose to provide energy for the human body. Only in the case of full supply of sugar, fat, vitamins, minerals, protein powder can give full play to the role of synthetic human components and functional substances

We would also like to remind you in particular:

The purchase of protein powder should be seen clearly in the protein content, that is, purity.

General requirements in more than 70% only use value, otherwise it is better to ingest directly from food. Because the soybean itself protein content is 35%, milk powder has 24%, the price is also affordable.