What is muscle augmentation powder?

- Mar 01, 2019-

For fitness small white can be effortless to achieve their desired figure that would be nice, so the muscle powder has become the first choice for many people to fitness supplements!

Let's take a look at the ingredients of muscle augmentation powder, take a brand of muscle powder as an example. Probably carbohydrates + protein (usually concentrated whey protein powder) + Vitamin + trace elements + digestive enzymes, and some will also add creatine and other amino acids. Of course creatine is nothing. Creatine (creatine) is a nitrogen-containing organic acid that is naturally present in vertebrates and can assist in providing energy to muscles and nerve cells. It can be synthesized not only by the human body itself, but also by food. In this way, it is just the product of a proportional mix of the various substances needed to grow the body's muscles. Compared to protein powder, we do not need to calculate how many carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements, creatine and so on.

Think of the first time contact fitness, watching the gym big God after the workout, all bottles and cans. Based on my admiration for the great God, I couldn't help but learn from the great God. The great God told me that I was using protein powder, and told me, "You should eat muscle powder so thin, and then eat the egg powder when you are strong." 

The growing muscle powder on the market is basically three kinds: 

First, suitable for those who are naturally high metabolic population use of muscle powder, typical characteristics of the city high carbohydrate. 

Second, the substitute meal type muscle powder, the characteristic is the literal meaning general, is also the most suitable choice for most people. 

Third, compound muscle powder, add a variety of such as trace elements, creatine, BCAA and so on. The correct eating method still has to be combined with personal physique, training volume and diet situation to decide, and can not blindly follow.