What kind of protein powder is it good to buy? Soybean protein powder or whey protein powder?

- Jan 02, 2019-

The protein powder on the market, fresh people pay attention to its source.

Is it soybean protein powder or whey protein powder?

Most people don't understand the difference between the two.

1.The difference between whey protein powder and soybean protein powder:

First of all, from the raw materials, soybean protein powder is extracted from soybeans (mainly soybeans). 100g soybean contains protein 35g, then, 400g a can of soybean protein powder needs 1.15kg soybean.

Whey protein powder is isolated from milk protein, 100g milk contains protein 3g, of which casein 80%, whey protein 20%. That is, 100g milk contains whey protein powder 0.6g. Well, 400g a can of whey protein powder requires milk 66.6kg.

2.There are differences in biological values

Whey protein powder contains the proportion of essential amino acids in the human body in line with human needs, can be completely used by the human body

In the proportion of essential amino acids in soybean protein powder, methionine tryptophan content is low, and it is necessary to rely on methionine and tryptophan in cereals to complement high quality protein with higher biological value.