When is the best way to replenish protein powder?

- Jan 16, 2019-

The main component of protein powder is whey protein. It is a protein extracted from milk. is one of the fastest-absorbing proteins in nature. Because of this feature. Protein powder is used for a special period of time. The best time for protein powder to eat is after training. Because the human body is in a state of decomposition during training. But when the training is over, the body enters a synthetic state. And it's the fastest time of the day to synthesize. Especially within half an hour of training.

At this point, the addition of protein powder can make the muscle cells get the best repair. Another time can make the morning, sleep at night when we do not eat any food, but many organs of the body continue to work, so the body's sugar and fat is also a large amount of consumption, in the morning we hope to quickly stop this decomposition state, at this time to supplement the protein powder is also the most suitable. The third time is before training, before training to supplement the protein powder will not add to the burden of the gut, but also to help us stock up on more amino acids, lest the training time too long when the protein decomposition in the muscle to provide energy. Many people think that before bed is a good time to replenish protein powder. In fact, before going to bed, we hope to replenish the source of protein is best not to absorb too fast, so that in the next few hours there will always be amino acids into the body. Protein powder, on the other, cannot be provided continuously for long periods of time because it absorbs too fast. The source of protein before bedtime is preferably egg whites. or casein.