Who needs to replenish the protein powder?

- Mar 06, 2019-

1.The sports population should replenish the protein powder

Human life activities need energy, protein as one of the human body's 3 energy supply substances can provide people in the process of movement, to meet the needs of motion for energy. In the course of exercise, the muscle bones of the human body are stretched, the amount of blood supply increases, promote the filling and growth of muscle tissue structure, and protein as the raw material to form the muscle, must be additional supplements to meet the needs of muscle building growth.

2.Pregnant and maternal should supplement protein powder

According to the RDA standard provided by China All-nutrition committee, pregnant women should increase their daily protein intake by 15 grams, 6-9 months by 25 grams, the lactating period increased by 25 grams, during pregnancy, the mother increased the protein reserve can reach more than 900 grams, mainly used to form fetal body tissue, supply the parent uterus, Breast and breeding, to compensate for the loss of blood consumption during childbirth, and to lay the foundation for postpartum milk secretion, such as pregnant women with adequate protein supply, you can avoid anemia in pregnant women, nutritional deficiency edema and the occurrence of pregnancy poisoning.

3.Protein powder should be replenished in elderly and infirm people

The elderly are prone to hypoproteinemia, edema and malnutrition anemia, the digestion and absorption and utilization rate of protein is reduced, should directly supplement the high quality protein of biological value. Before and after surgery, anemia, tuberculosis, long-term fever, cancer chemotherapy, burns, burns, immune diseases, patients due to blood, cells, human tissue damage, eating abnormal diet, need to supplement a large number of high-quality protein and nutrients. In this case, the use of whey protein powder with high absorption rate and nutritional value is a good choice for this type of population.

4.People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should supplement protein powder

Experiments show that the more protein is supplied to animals, the shorter the time it takes for atherosclerotic sclerosis to form, and the more serious the lesion. and protein powder in the fat and cholesterol content is very low, and protein content is much higher than the common milk powder, lean meat, seafood, eggs, such as the traditional high-protein food. And the plant essence protein classified from soybeans has the effect of lowering cholesterol, preventing atherosclerotic sclerosis and preventing stroke. Soybean vegetable protein powder can also reduce cholesterol in the blood while supplementing the patient's lack of protein intake due to eating animal food. Lecithin in soybean protein, which can turn fat into particles, makes more sense for lowering cholesterol.

5.Obese and diabetic people should replenish protein powder

According to the World Diabetes Association, patients in most countries around the world are 1%~2%, and the prevalence rate in industrially developed countries is higher than in developing countries, such as the United States is about 5%~6%, and there is an upward trend in our country. According to the Beijing Regional survey, Beijing women overweight 50%, children overweight up to 5%, these patients because of daily life, the need to limit the consumption of animal food and limit the amount of eating, will lead to insufficient nutrition intake, then the use of protein powder, can ease the patient's hunger, maintain the limited daily nutritional balance of food control, conducive to healthy recovery.