Breakfast, Really Want To Add Spoon Protein Powder?

- Jan 24, 2019-

1.breakfast nutrition inventory

Successful people and time managers will recommend that the most important work of the day be done between 9:00 and 10:00. That is, our brains take on a lot of workloads in the morning. So we have to think about how we can better provide energy to the brain and make it work better for its owners.

2.who needs "spoon protein powder"?

Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents recommend that normal adults should reach 50-70 grams of protein per day in their daily diet. In accordance with the current standard of living of the Chinese people and the rising proportion of animal food, an adult who is able to eat normally and is not picky, does not need additional protein at all outside the normal diet every day.

You can compare four situations to determine if you need additional protein supplementation:

●Recently suffered trauma and excessive protein loss in the body. Such as large area burns, multiple fractures, tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients;

●Disease or other causes affect protein intake or absorption. such as functional dyspepsia, anorexia patients, strict vegetarians, etc.;

●A crowd at a special time. such as sports people who are undergoing bodybuilding training or who need to rapidly increase their muscles, lactating women, or elderly people who have difficulty eating and infirm.

3. how to create a balanced breakfast?

Many white-collar young people, because of the busy morning time tense, simply from three meals a day into two meals a day, omitted breakfast, but after work to call friends, supper constantly. Ignore each other and cart the horse. In fact, it won't take long to build a nutritious breakfast, but it will bring you a delicious, nutritious and pleasant mood. Healthy breakfast, just remember the following four sentences of jingle, according to the operation can be:

●Grain is not small, protein to eat well!

●Dry and wet should be paired with fruits and vegetables to report.

Grain: Coarse grain bread, miscellaneous grain steamed bread, vegetable meat bag, flower roll ...

High-quality protein: eggs, fresh milk, yogurt, soy milk, less oil and less salt prepared meat;

Dry and wet collocation: Chinese: porridge/soup + steamed bun/bun; Western: milk/yogurt + bread

Fruits and vegetables: every day to ensure 500 grams of vegetables, about 400 grams of fruit. Pay attention to vegetables less oil and less salt to prepare