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CJC-1295 is a growth hormone, an analog of the hormone produced by GHRH. Athletes call it "somatokrinin." Pituitary cells affect the release of the hormone. CJC-1295 has a positive effect on the body:

•adds energy;

•improves sleep;

•normalizes metabolism;

•improves the skin;

•Increases muscle growth.

The drug is popular due to its long half-life. The use of the drug 1 time before bedtime will achieve the effect of rejuvenation and increase the parameters of growth hormone.

The history of the drug occurs from ancient times. Abroad, athletes actively use CJC-1295. This allows them to achieve greater results, compared with domestic athletes. Now the drug is widely used and we. The drug is used by high-level athletes, whose goal is the maximum permissible result without harm to the body. CJC-1295 is significantly better in performance than steroids. The mass of muscles is very qualitative and lasts much longer after the drug is discontinued. Peptides help to gradually increase the mass of muscles, qualitatively affect the musculature and do not harm the health.


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