Classification Of Protein Powder

- Jan 16, 2019-

Whey protein Powder

The protein referred to in bodybuilding training basically refers to whey protein. Whey protein comes from milk, 87% of which is water in the composition of milk and 13% is a breast solid. In milk solids, 27% is milk protein, only 20% of milk protein is whey protein, the remaining 80% is casein, so whey protein in milk content is only 0.7%. Here we would like to remind bodybuilding enthusiasts, do not see 100% whey protein mistakenly thought is protein content of 100%, here 100% refers to 100% extracted from milk.

Whey protein is very helpful for muscle growth, in which branched-chain amino acids can produce anabolic and anti-catabolism effects on muscles. Bodybuilders need protein regardless of muscle mass and muscle lines, especially after high intensity training, and more protein is needed to repair damaged muscle fibers. Whey protein is easier to absorb and digest and will quickly be transported to the bloodstream in the form of amino acids. The faster the protein absorbs, the faster the decomposition of the metabolic effect caused by weight training disappears. That's why whey protein has always been favored by bodybuilders.

Slow release matrix

protein powder Before explaining this type of protein, we must first understand two words, first of all, "slow release", slow release refers to the continuous release, so as to ensure the stability of blood sugar, to ensure that the flow of amino acids in the blood stable. The second is the "Matrix", we do not think very mysterious, in fact, is a combination, such as 6 heavy matrix protein, indicating that the protein is a combination of 6 different proteins.

Different kinds of proteins release at different speeds, using their properties to mix them into a slow-release matrix protein powder, which has the advantage of providing the body with the protein needed for muscle synthesis over a certain period of time, more in line with the need for muscle growth.

Compound protein powder

The research and development concept of compound protein is to allow nutrition to enter the muscles quickly after training. Through a certain amount of carbohydrate matrix and more absorption, synthesis components, and some even make use of nanotechnology, so that this type of protein is more targeted. Carbohydrates can help increase insulin rapidly after training, allowing more protein to flow to muscles to help muscle synthesis.