Classification Of Whey Powder

- Jan 31, 2019-

Whey powder is a whole whey product, which is made from whey as raw material, using vacuum concentration and spray (or drum) drying process.

The general composition of whey powder, partial desalination whey powder and Partial deinking whey powder is as follows: Protein, lactose, fat, ash

Low protein whey Powder 2~4 80.0 0.1~1.0 6.5~9.2 

high protein whey powder 12.9 74.5 1.1 8.1 

Part desalination Whey Powder 15.0 78.0 2.0 5 

part deinking Milk Powder 16~24 60 (highest) 1~4 11~27

Whey powder is divided into sweet whey powder and sour whey powder according to different sources.   According to desalination is divided into salt-containing whey powder and desalination whey powder.  

According to the degree of protein separation can be divided into high, medium and low protein whey powder. 

In the United States, according to different processing methods and degrees, whey products can be summed up as:

① Sweet Whey powder Products: low, medium and high protein whey powder.

② modified whey powder Products: including low lactose whey powder, desalination whey Powder

③ Whey protein Products: Whey concentrate protein (WPC) and whey protein Isolate (WPI)