Do You Really Need To Eat Health Care Products?

- Feb 23, 2019-

What are health products? is designed and produced for specific groups of people with health care functions, such as delaying aging, improving memory, anti-fatigue, weight loss, beauty, regulation of blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and so on is not for the purpose of disease, in a word, health products are not drugs, health care products and drugs are not the same, Drugs need to undergo large-scale repeated clinical trials to verify his toxicity and safety before they go public, but the health care products are relatively lax

Suitable crowd:

Children, pregnant women and the elderly; The main applicable groups of health products are children, pregnant women and the elderly. Pregnant women are required to consume multivitamin supplements and folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy because of the increased nutritional needs of pregnant and pregnancy; children with partial food, insufficient nutritional intake, and the need to supplement vitamins and minerals; and older people are prone to osteoporosis due to their age, which can be supplemented with a certain amount of calcium, vitamins and protein under the guidance of clinicians

Diet is not balanced, because long-term weight loss or no appetite to eat, need to supplement the combination of vitamins, minerals or protein, life only on time to eat, not picky food, there is no special period (such as pregnancy), generally do not need to eat these supplements, but for the need to eat nutrients, It is best to consult a dietitian or doctor if you are in a position to do so.

In fact, in addition to the relevant circumstances need to take the appropriate amount of supplements (such as a simple diet has been nearly unable to meet the needs of the body), in most other cases, we should choose food, because food is a natural health care products, there is not only a nutrient, usually a variety of combinations, such as oranges can provide a wealth of vitamin C , there are carotene, calcium and so on, and from the food to extract the production of health care products, its effect is far from the direct feeding itself to good, and long-term large number of edible health products will also appear relative side effects, such as dry skin, hair loss, hydrocephalus, etc., there may also be vitamin D poisoning leading to kidney calcification. At the same time, long-term high-dose vitamin C supplementation will affect the coagulation function, and then appear coagulation disorder.