Eating Protein Powder Has Side Effects? Correct Use of Protein Powder

- Feb 08, 2019-

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more health care products appear on the market. Among them, protein powder is a common one. It supplements food as an amino acid and provides essential nutrients for infants, the elderly, the sports population, preoperative postoperative patients and people who lose weight. But can healthy people eat too much protein powder will have side effects?

In fact, too much protein intake is not only a waste, but also harmful to human health.

To be precise, protein powder is actually a nutritional food supplement for a specific population. 

Eating protein powder should not be excessive

Excessive protein intake can cause amino acids to accumulate in the body, leading to reduced immunity, also affecting the normal functioning of the kidneys and liver, and may also reduce the body's ability to resist cancer risk. Because the protein powder on the market is different, there are plant and animal differences, so if heart disease patients accidentally absorb too much animal protein, it can also cause a heart attack

Correct use of protein powder

Any food if you eat too much, eat the time and the wrong way, will make the body unwell, so understand the correct way to take protein powder, you can avoid its side effects on the body, improve the nutritional utilization of health care products.

1. Protein powder should be eaten after the meal. If you eat protein powder on an empty stomach, it will be digested by the body as an ordinary food, with no additional health effects.

2. Protein powder cannot be eaten in a hot heat. Whey protein in protein powder can not be heated, otherwise it will lose activity and reduce its nutritional value. Therefore, when taking whey protein powder, it can only be dissolved in food and drinks below 40 degrees Celsius.

3. Young children and children under three years of age cannot eat egg powder. The molecular structure of protein powder is not conducive to digestion and absorption of young children, can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

4. Patients with serious illness such as liver and kidney disease should be careful to eat egg powder. Because protein powder can aggravate the burden of the viscera, make the disease worse.

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