EU Domestic Shipping Offered In AAS/SAA Market

- Oct 17, 2019-


Our company are legit supplier of high quality steroid raw material, Sarms and Peptides, like Testosterone series, Boldenon series, Trenbolone series, Nandrolone series, Masteron, NPP, EQ, Anadrol, Anavar; MK677,MK2866,LGD4033,RAD140,YK11,S4; HGH, HCG,MT2 and so on.

Our markets cover USA, Mexico, AUS,Canada, Dubai, EU, Brazil and so on.

Our warehouse in USA,EU, Canada, AUS, domestic shipping will be offered, no customs issues.

About payment method, we accept Western Union(WU), Bank Transfer(T/T), Money Gram(MG) and Bitcoin(BTC).


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