Kigtropin HGH 100iu and 200iu

- Sep 25, 2020-

HGH Testosterone Steroid Hormone Human Growth Hormone Kigtropin For Injection

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Kigtropin HGH 10iu/vial, 10vials/kit, 8iu/vial, 25vials/kit
CAS: 96827-07-5
Appearance: White Freeze dried Powder
Human growth hormone (HGH) has been called a miracle anti-aging drug -- it's widely used in alternative clinics for the elderly as a means of rejuvenation. Human growth hormone is an effective anti-ageing drug due to its ability to return an adult's hormone levels to those of their youth. Igtropin – famous brand human growth hormone in China.

Anti-aging drug Kigtropin human growth hormone supplement 10iu/vial
Healthy Kigtropin HGH Growth Hormone Supplements for Losing Cellulite and Wrinkles
Male Mass Building HGH Human Growth Hormone Kigtropin For Injection

It has been shown that the fat-reducing effects of GH appear to be controlled by a small analog region of the C-terminus end of the GH molecule. This region consists of amino acids 176-191, thus the name. This peptide fragment works by mimicking the way natural hGH regulates fat metabolism but without the adverse effects on blood sugar or growth that is seen with unmodified hGH. Like unmodified GH, the HGH fragment 176-191 stimulates lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis both en vivo/en vitro. Fragment 176-191 has shown no effect on growth or insulin resistance, unlike the full hGH molecule. This is the newest, most powerful hGH fragment on the market. Studies have shown sustained fatloss, aimed directly at adipose tissue



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