Still Eating Protein Powder? Inventory Of Consumption Errors Of Protein Powder

- Feb 09, 2019-

The variety of protein powder products on the market, so that many people dazzling, in a large number of health legends and advertising of the Wild bang, many people began to eat egg powder. Do we still need to eat protein powder in the end? Before you make a decision, first come to understand some of the misconceptions about protein powder and protein.

Myth 1: Protein can only be obtained by eating meat

Many people think that only meat has protein, and some people think that meat eat more easily fat, eat less meat, it is necessary to eat more egg powder. In fact, many plant foods also contain protein, such as half a pound of rice protein is about 20 grams, 22 tofu contains about 18 grams of protein.

Myth 2: Eating protein powder can lose weight

"High-protein weight loss method" has been very popular, many people also believe. This weight loss method advocates that people only eat protein foods such as egg white powder, do not eat fat and sugar, in order to achieve the goal of weight loss. In fact, the body's weight gain is mainly due to the energy consumption is less than the energy intake, resulting in energy stored in the body. So, to lose weight, the most fundamental thing is to increase energy consumption, reduce energy intake.

The "High protein diet" still has to eat, and the high-protein foods It advocates also contain energy. If the protein powder eats too much, excessive protein will be converted into fat, into the body's fat.

Myth 3: Eating more protein powder can make your body stronger

Everyone wants to have a stout figure.

Many people think that eating protein powder can promote long muscles, make people stronger, with an enviable eight-pack abs. In fact, stone muscles and strong physique in addition to the need for adequate nutrition, after all, need to accumulate accumulated exercise. It is impossible to have a strong physique simply by eating, eating only protein powder, and not exercising.

Myth 4: Eating protein powder can enhance immunity

Myth 5: Eating protein powder can grow tall and become smart

Do we really need to eat protein powder?

The latest dietary nutrient Reference intake (DRIS) in China recommends that adult women consume 55 grams of protein per day, compared with 65 grams for men. Normal eating is basically easy to meet the demand.

The survey also shows that the average protein intake of Chinese residents has basically reached the recommended amount of the State, and the vast majority of residents do not have the problem of insufficient protein. Therefore, as a healthy adult, as long as the daily maintenance of a normal and reasonable diet, there will be no lack of protein, and do not need to eat extra egg powder. If you can get protein from food as much as possible, there is no need to eat egg powder.