Successful Tracking Number To Brazil With Smooth Delivery In AAS Market

- Jul 02, 2019-


Brazil is always our big market of AAS powder, and we have many important customers in Brazil. So we ofter send steroid raw material, sarms and HGH,HCG to Brazil many times in a week, never have problems.

Our product List: Testo Enan/Cyp/Prop, Tren Ace/Enan, Masteron Prop/Enan, Dbol, Tbol Anadrol, Superdrol, Anavar, PCT, MK677, MK2866, RAD140, HGH. HCG and so on. Warehouse in USA, EU,Canada and AUS, good price will be offered.

Payment way: Western Union (WU), Bank Transfer(T/T) and Bitcoin(BCT).


Wickr: Giantroidsource