Why Do People Think Protein Powder Is Expensive, Then In The End Is Not Expensive

- Mar 06, 2019-

Heard that eat protein powder muscle on the president of the "fly" up, protein powder so a jar are hundreds of large, in the end expensive?

Talking about fitness is inevitable to talk about supplements, when it comes to supplements naturally there is no egg powder. Many people feel that eating protein powder, the muscles will become as strong as the muscle men in the poster, of course, this must be an illusion. People who have eaten know that protein powder is not a "divine medicine", eat does not become a big muscle bully. So you might have a question? What's the use of eating protein powder! In fact, it is mainly used to supplement protein, that's all. Don't expect too much of its muscular effect, eat a jar you're still that you, the muscle man in the poster is still completely different from you!

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In fact, protein powder is not expensive, although the size of hundreds of, in fact, if the conversion than meat and other protein is actually cheaper.

Let's take an example to analyze, a simple conversion of the price to look at. For example, a brand of whey protein powder when doing activities a jar of 420 yuan, weight of five pounds, about 2.28kg. It contains a protein ratio of about 70%, so the weight of pure protein is about 1.6kg. Equivalent to 1 kilograms pure protein about 262.5 yuan. We also see the fitness often eat chicken breasts, i casually searched cooked chicken breast, 90 yuan/1200g,100g contains pure protein 31.3g, calculated down, 1.2kg contains 0.3756kg pure protein, that is, 239 yuan. It looks about the same price as protein powder. Of course, the batch of chicken breasts occurred a lot cheaper, 10 yuan or so a pound, but need to do cooked, which is the additional cost (including time cost).

In this way, protein powder is not actually expensive. After all, buy back immediately can be used, leaving processing time, but also easy to control the intake of protein. Convenient and fast, no wonder so many fitness partners will choose to start protein powder as a training protein supplement, pay attention to protein powder is only a part of the source of protein, or need to be paired with other high-protein foods, in order to meet a fitness person's protein needs for a day, not that eat protein powder, Usually the food is not necessary to eat protein. How much protein do you need every day? It is generally considered that the optimal protein intake for muscular strength training is: 1.8g/kg/d, which means that 1.8g protein supplementation per kilogram of body weight is required daily.