99% S-23

99% S-23

99% pure quality Sarms fat burning AndarineS-23 increases muscle mass
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Product Details

1) Standard: Enterprise Standard

2) Our products are strictly produced and meet the requirements of the International Pharmacopoeia USP36 and China CP2018 standards. All steroid powders were 99% pure.

3) Safe and discreet shipment. A variety of transportation methods are available for you to choose from. (EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS);

5) We are the largest producer of steroid powder in China. More than 500 kg of steroid powder is supplied to the European high-end market and the world every month.
We have our own agents/resellers/distributors that can help us ship our products quickly and safely, and we have stocks to transfer there.

6) High quality, competitive price, fast delivery, first-class service has won the trust and praise of customers.

7) Customs pass rate 
We assure you that 100% of the goods can pass through customs and will safely reach the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands. Our customs clearance company will clean up your package to avoid any customs issues as we have been working with customs clearance agents in these countries.


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