High Quality 191AA Gh 191AA Kig Blue Tops 191AA Hormone

High Quality 191AA Gh 191AA Kig Blue Tops 191AA Hormone

Human growth hormone can turn back your body’s internal clock, helping you rapidly build muscle, slash fat, and increase libido
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Blue Tops HGH Human Growth Hormone Supplement HGH Blue Top For Male Sex Enhancement

Specification:100iu/kit (10iu/vial, 10vial/Kit)

What is blue top of Hgh?

Blue tops hgh Blue top kits simply mean that the vial has a blue top. People who are experts on buying HGH on the black or gray market usually believe that the blue-capped vials represent fairly inexpensive and generic human growth hormone.


Growth hormone(Blue Top), also known as human growth hormone, typically used for the treatmentof dwarfism. It has anabolic effects, may increase muscular physique, but also for people in childhood and adolescence, bone growth, and strengthen the tendons and increase the internal organs.

Athletes using growth hormone primarily for building muscle and increasing strength.Different organs of the body can fight aging, elimination of sub-health status, providing the body the energy of youth organ recovery chain, to improve the sensitivity of peripheral and central nervous system cell viability, inhibit the body's organs aging.


Human growth hormone can turn back your body’s internal clock, helping you rapidly build muscle, slash fat, and increase libido, all while sending energy levels through the roof. Healthy adult men typically have just less than 5 nanograms per milliliter circulating in the blood. Healthy females can produce about twice that amount for child-bearing purposes. Levels for both sexes peak during puberty and drop sharply starting in the early 20s.

Human Growth Hormone is a protein hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland. It is produced by all living human beings, and is at its highest levels during childhood. HGH represents one of the most important hormones in the human body as it affects our bones, skeletal muscle and internal organs, as well as plays roles in numerous other areas throughout the body.

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