Hot Sale Sarms From Biolang

Hot Sale Sarms From Biolang

LGD-4033, a novel nonsteroidal, oral selective androgen receptor modulator, binds to the androgen receptor with high affinity and selectivity.
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Product Name:LGD4033

CAS No:1165910-22-4

Molecular Formula:C14H12F6N2O

Molecular Weight:338.3

Assay:98% min

Quality Standard:USP/ISO9001

Appearance:White Powder

Supply Ability:500-800kg/month

Storage:Store at 8℃-20℃, protect from moisture and light.

LGD-4033 is expected to produce the therapeutic benefits of testosterone with improved safety, tolerability and patient acceptance due to tissue-selective mechanism of action and an oral route of administration.

How LGD-4033 works:

LGD-4033, a novel nonsteroidal, oral selective androgen receptor modulator, binds to the androgen receptor with high affinity and selectivity. It demonstrates anabolic activity in muscles, anti-resorptive and anabolic activity in bones and a robust selectivity for muscle and bone versus prostate and sebaceous glands.

LGD-4033 has recently completed a Phase I Multiple Ascending Dose study in healthy volunteers. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase I study established the safety and tolerability up to doses of 22 mg per day.

LGD-4033 Powder Bulking:

LGD has shown the most ability of any SARM to put on size that could be considered a bulk. This will, of course, be dependent upon the diet used. Users that have experienced more than 10lb. increases, and have had a significant increase in calorie intake. The possibility of this type of size is present with LGD use. A recommend dosage for this type of goal would be 5-10 mg day for 8 weeks.

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